A Heartfelt Post

With all the storms going on across the country it’s amazing to see how people come together to help each other.  You wish it would be like that on a daily basis and it wouldn’t take a dangerous event, but sometimes I think an event like that sort of wakes people up.

It stops them in their tracks and makes them think for a moment, or maybe makes them stop and not think.  I think sometimes we can get caught up in life’s world wind that we forget to be human being.  Many people are walking around not even realizing that their caught in the wind, and then an event that threatens their lives wakes them up a bit.

A Recent Tornado


There recently was a tornado that hit in the Texas area and the Facebook News Feed was filled with posts, videos and pictures of people coming to the aid of other people.  When people don’t have to worry about lives everyday nuances then they become present and act human again… pretty amazing.

It’s so cool to see how what people are capable of when they drop all of the other garbage that takes them out of the game.  People are so consumed with the day to day stuff, that they miss out on their entire life.  This video had me in tears after watching it…

It stops and makes you wake up and smell the roses.  It shouldn’t take a disaster like this to make people come together and truly care about one another.  On the other side of things, it’s good to see that people do have that caring and loving side to them.

Across The Country In Lincoln Nebraska


Many miles away during the year there was a really bad rain storm that hit the Lincoln, Nebraska area.  They tend to get a lot of rain and flooding there but this storm really hit the area hard.  Many homes were flooded and destroyed from the Lincoln water damage and many roofs were caved in as well.

There were so many posts coming on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about how the residents in the area were helping others clean up the mess and try to put the pieces back together.  It was so sad to see the destruction, but it was great to see the homeowners stopping in their tracks and lending a hand to others in need.

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Rides For Charity

So today we’re here to talk about a big event that was going on in the Huntington area of New York.  It was a charity event to help raise money for the elderly in the need of transportation.  There are many senior citizens that need a ride to a doctors appointment, the bank, shopping and all the other places that we take for granted that we can just drive to.

So many older people don’t get the services they need because of they cannot get a ride to where they need to go.  This becomes a bit scary when it’s for an important doctors appointment, or some kind of situation where medical attention is required.

There are a few non-profits that have come together in the Huntington New York area to help them out.  These non-profits have been raising money with all different kinds of fundraising events throughout the year to provide funding to arrange transportation for these seniors.

Long Island Charity Events


There was a big event that happened at the big country club on the north shore of Long Island.  Many people came out for a fun day of golfing, followed by a great dinner and drinks.  There were also many great music acts that came out for the day, performing live music from early afternoon through the entire evening.

One of the other fundraisers they did to raise money was a craft expo on the South Shore of Long Island.  There were over 150 booths selling all types of crafts and services.  All the money that was paid to secure a booth was donated to the cause for helping the elderly with rides.  It was a 2 day event and thousands of dollars was raised.  The event was a huge success!

There were a few other evens that were held in the past few months to raise money.  It’s great to see the people in the area coming out to support others in need.  That’s what it’s all about.  The more people we can all help the better.

Money Put To A Good Cause

Once the money was raised, then it was put to good use to set up transportation for the senior citizens who needed rides.  There was a Huntington limo service in the Huntington New York area that discounted their rates to provide transportation for these people.

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